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Steak Shooter SPICY


Steak Shooter Spicy is the best way to get the most flavour out of your favourite cut of beef. Whether it’s in your backyard or in competition this rub will give you an extra edge with its superior taste and colour.

My top 3 things to use Steak Shooter Spicy on:
– Chicken wings
– Pork chops
– Steak

My tip for Steak Shooter Spicy: Use it as you would use the normal Steak Shooter, this one’s for the people who like an extra spice kick!

Heat Level: 2/5

Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Dehydrated Vegetable Powders, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Flavour Enhancer 621, Spices, Spice Extract 160c, Anti-caking Agent 551

Allergens: May contain traces of soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, sesame, peanuts and tree nuts

Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 6.2 × 6.2 × 14.5 cm